Engineering Resources

Providing Engineering Results

At Pi-Cubed, we provide industry leading expertise and experience to our clients.  Our focus is on ensuring that we use the knowledge gained throughout our careers to maximise the potential and efficiency of each design we undertake.

Our unique approach to early project needs evaluation and continual design optimization have served to reduce scope revisions and improve project quality for our clients.  By engaging our clients and project stakeholders early and often, we are better able to position ourselves for excellence in execution on every project.

The Pi-Cubed Approach

At Pi-Cubed Process Systems, we employ a collaborative, client focused design process.  Our goal is to develop a project scope that encompasses no more than the client actually needs to bring their high quality production online in a safe and efficient manner.  This five step process has been developed around our industry leading experience both within the E&P and as the engineering service provider.

Engineering Stages


Collaborate with our client’s internal stakeholders to determine what their facilities and engineering support needs are.  This is the primary stage at which Pi-Cubed seeks to add value by determining the actual needs of the client to develop a streamlined project scope


Our method of project definition during this stage is focused on determining the best course of action to deliver on the client needs identified in the Discovery stage.  During this portion of the project we work to identify all possible alternatives and determine the best fit for the individual facility or development program.


At Pi-Cubed we employ industry leading technical experts to ensure your project is completed safely, on time and under budget.  Our collaborative, optimization focused design process ensures that the correct decisions are made at every step to ensure the highest quality product possible.


Our project management specialists work from the initial project discovery through to commissioning and project closeout to ensure that each available opportunity for schedule and cost efficiency is taken advantage of in order to bring your production on stream, on time and under budget.


At Pi-Cubed we deliver only the highest quality product from the design basis to the final documentation, we pride ourselves in executing above expectation the first time, every time.