Complicated Problems. Elegant Solutions.

Capital Optimized Facilities Solutions

  • Facilities design and implementation to maximize your capital efficiency
  • Focus on innovative design solutions to ensure ease of implementation and future expansions
  • Wide ranging experience in brown field optimizations and EOR Installation

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Enhanced Oil Recovery Innovations

  • EOR field production optimizations
  • EOR chemistry optimizations tailored to your field
  • Improved chemical efficiency through EOR facility optimization and innovative design

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Safety First Industrial Cleaning Options

  • Industrial tank cleaning project design and management
  • Utilization of automated systems for a safety focused project execution
  • Proven results on difficult projects through adaptive project design

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Innovative Water Management

  • Design and implementation of ceramic membrane ultrafiltration water processing systems
  • Water recycling systems designed to reduce fresh water requirements and promote environmentally responsible development of your assets
  • Ultrafiltration systems designed for maximized efficiency with your fluids
  • Permanent membrane materials reduce disposal and OPEX costs.

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Our Design Philosophy:

At Pi-Cubed, we believe that the best designs come from up front analysis of all possible options that meet the client’s needs.  There is always more than one solution to a design problem and we pride ourselves on finding the best fit for our clients.

Our designs are reviewed for accuracy and optimizations at each step in order to ensure the maximum value for our clients.